Sarah Donohue’s history is an extensive one and we will condense it as much as possible, so you neither fall asleep nor feel the need to press escape.

Driven by her passion and desire to succeed.

Sarah has led an extremely exciting life - boasting a long career in the media as wll as competing in powerboat racing, fitness and beauty events. She understands the importance of commitment, and still works all day every day. As an outspoken northerner, Sarah is well-known for her no-fuss approach and honest personality - where what you see is what you get.

How it all began.

Sarah did in fact start her life of as a fashion designer, but after moving to London she changed tack completely, and it wasnt long before Sarah was at the Moulin Rouge in Paris working as a showgirl, driven by her love for performing having been at stage school since the age of 12. She was also used to being in the limelight having been modelling since the age of 17 with Boss Models and Linda Lusardi agency.

But by chance Sarah was in a London bar when she was spotted by owner and Texan billionaire, Charles Burnett III whose family also own such places as Selfridge’s and Beaulieu Car Museum. Charles offered Sarah a job of PR for his powerboat racing team and then asked her to actually race herself as the only all-girl Offshore Race Team in the World.
Sarah was teamed with CBIII’s pilots wife Julie Kondak in 1993 and here was where it all began, expensive hotels, fast boats, private jets and helicopters and international jet-setting. This was to be Sarah’s life to 2011. She would later go on to race for other UK teams, American teams, Italian teams and also with her friends Chinese team.

A short stint with julie in 1993, Sarah went on to race with Debbie Cottrell attaining 3rd in the European Championships in Italy in their first year of racing. She also raced with good friend Karen Benson in the USA.

Entwined in this crazy world there were many TV appearances, leading to Sarah having her own TV show with Granada, where she travelled around the world participating in other extreme sports such as sky-diving and rally driving.

Sarah was one of the first ever interviewers at the first ever MOBO Awards where she met Chris Eubank, a friendship that blossomed over the years. She was later to join Chris on the famous Gumball Rally. Sarah's choice of car was a Bentley Continental across to Morocco.
Chris even let her drive his Truck whilst at a Polo game together. Coming from a motorsport background, her goal is to eventually truck race.

Sarah Donohue - Key Facts

Sarah has a passion for the armed forces and has tirelessly fundraised for military charities since she started powerboat racing.

Sarah has been a forces Pin-Up on numerous occasions in Soldier Magazine.
On visitng the toops, she has ran the Rock with the Royal Navy, dined with the Sea Lord himself and even been with the military police in Gibraltan waters chasing drug runners from Morroco.

She is a former European, British and American National Offshore Powerboat Champion. Sarah holds a water-speed record having been awarded,        "Lady of the Lake” at Speed week on Windermere. She is also planning to attempt to set an Electric speed record and wishes the crew would get a move on!

She also hopes to set a world record racing from London to Monte Carlo across the Bay of Biscay with an all-girl team of four.

Sarah was the lead stunt girl in the 1999 Bond movie “The World is Not Enough” and also in Venice on “The Tourist” working with the likes of Pierce Brosnan, Angelina jolie, Johnny Depp and john Cleese. 

In 1999 at the European Powerboat Championships in Venice in 1999, she broke most of the right hand side of her body and was linked up to life-support machine. Due to her will and determination she rehabilitated and with titanium plates in her face, went back out to Venice in 2001 and took the European Champion title and was awarded ‘”Fastest Woman”, again the only female on the water. 

Sarah is now the owner of fitness and beauty pageant Miss Galaxy Universe, and she makes a point of getting to know as many of the girls on a personal level as much as possible to help boost their confidence and ultimately their performance on stage.