Sarah’s fitness started at school as a child. It was an era when video games didn’t exist and her parents living in the middle of nowhere always made the kids play out and were never allowed to watch TV. Sarah grew up with 5 boys which probably moulded her to what she is now - head strong, stubborn, forceful and determined.

Between her and Joanne Samuels, they won every netball match they competed in; with Centre and GA positions they covered the whole court. Soon they were no longer allowed to pass to each other do due a lack of overall team-work. Since that decision was made, the team never won a single match. The pairing of Joanne and Sarah lived throughout school and they both represented the school in just about every sport you can imagine. Jo later went to run for Sale Harriers and Sarah swam for the county.

Sarah was swimming sometime twice a day, being woken up at 6am to get in a cold pool by her parents for training. Later she missed trial for the British team by not very much but it was enough to give her a wake-up call to reality.

Although she looked like she continued in sport, she didn’t actually get back into it for some time and competitive sport for Sarah didn’t re-start until she was in her late 20’s after a huge Powerboat crash she had whilst she was racing in the European Championships in Venice in 1999. Being hooked up to a life-support machine and with a list of injuries which make Evil Knievel look tame, it took her a couple of years to fully rehabilitate but when she did, and with a great Personal Trainer, she went from 72lbs back to her normal weight of 143lbs.

With her jaw broken in 2 places and titanium plates in her face, she was unable to eat solids for some time and having her jaw wired together may have been enjoyable for friends as she couldn’t talk much but her weight and muscle deteriorated.

Her then trainer suggested that she had become such an athlete in so many different aspects that she needed to go to America and compete as there was nothing in Europe suitable for her. It was suggested she do the Miss Galaxy Competition - Americas' most famous of fitness and beauty pageants. It had started back in the 80’s with 16 girls and by year 4, over 400 women from across the World were taking part, but no one had ever qualified from the UK. Three weeks later she was on a flight to the USA and registered for a weekend training camp with Galaxy. On acceptance, she went back out and competed. She came 4th out of 150 women.

Below sarah with her trainer Mark Jarvis:

Sarah with trainer Mark

Galaxy consisted of Bikini, Eveningwear, an Assault Course, Fitness Tests and ,on some occasions, Dance/gymnastic routines. Her life then became these hardcore shows that went on for days.

Many years and many shows later from Miami, to Dallas, to Vegas she holds 2 World titles and tons of medals and some amazing memories thus showing that even hitting rock bottom you can always pick yourself up, work hard and reach the top. Sarah has only ever trained with Military PTIs, and her ‘rock’ was celebrity trainer and former Para Reg PTI, Mark Jarvis, who was responsible for all her titles and medals.

Mark has trained several A list celebrities and is currently on tour with “One Direction”. He also trains UFC and MMA fighters. His conditioning techniques are second to none. Mark used to call Sarah a machine. No matter how hard his sessions, he simply could never break her, and he always tried. “ Sarah’s discipline to succeed and her mindset doesn’t allow for failure or for giving up, and fitness at her level is a state of mind. It also gets to a point where there is no muscle ache no matter what we do, because she has simply by-passed everything. All-round athletes like Sarah are rare,” states Mark in one of their interviews.