It should be noted that Galaxy closed in December 2016 due to a saturated market and 70% of all shows being male dominated.
An all-female show was no longer susatinable. In 2012 when the doors opened there were two organisations both holding two shows a year. By 2015/16 there were no less than ten organisations with over 34 shows.

“The Show” as it is affectionately called by UltraFIT magazine, really is something of a spectacle. Sarah incorporated her years as a Vegas showgirl into the production to make it colourful and glamorous. The Galaxy Show was born in May 2012.

Sarah's years of stage performance all over the world from Paris to Vegas have helped her make this more than a pageant, Galaxy is entertaining and fun from start to finish and is the only all-female show of it's kind in Europe.

Galaxy and its girls have taken into consideration that not all women are this perfect size 10 that seems to be a must for all the other shows. Its 4 different categories and different age groups allow all women to get on that stage and feel comfortable. Sarah says, “ its about evolving and being realistic and above all, its about fun, fitness and entertainment.”

Katie Ford

Each category has a theme and nothing has been overlooked. Galaxy has its own make-up artists, hairstylist and spray tanners. Galaxy run training camps for everything to make sure the girls are comfortable and fully prepared. They even have outside events between the 2 shows a year which work as team building and fun.
The picture below is from their 'Summer Ball' themed 'The White Ball'. Miles Jennings 3x World powerboat champion and long standing friend to Sarah had a marquee erected on his tennis courts with silver service staff on for the Galaxy girls and their partners. The day prior the girls had done the Royal Marine Commando Mud Run on the estuary.

Below, Supreme Champion line ups:

Katie Chimes Winner

Galaxy also has a Showgirl category where the girls showcase their hidden talents. This can be seen on the show videos on you tube